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Features, Advantage & Benefits

Lettering, Design and Carving

  • Thousands of Designs
  • Personalized Lettering & Font Selection
  • Professional Artwork
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • Presentation Drawings for Approval
  • Triple Check Error Prevention
  • End date engraving included

Granite Materials

  • World Class Quarriers
  • Guaranteed Against Fading
  • Guaranteed Against Cracking
  • Select Color Clarity
  • Select Color Uniformity

Sales and Service

  • Authorized Memorial Counselors
  • State of the Art Manufacturing
  • Clear Delivery Dates
  • Professional Equipment and Installation
  • Written Guarantee

We Include the Following

  • Precision Graphic Designs
  • Shape Carved Designs
  • Emblems
  • Full Names and Dates
  • Children’s Names
  • Personalized Verses
  • Foundations
  • Delivery and Installation

You Deserve the Best
All the artwork shown on this site was originally hand drawn for our Precision Graphic Carving process by our professional graphic artists.

Your First Steps In Creating A Memorial

Who is the memorial for?
Companion (Husband/Wife)

Where is the memorial going?

Are there any requirements?
Regulations on style, size or finish
Permit fees
Position of names
Design requirements

Do you have anything in mind?
Initial thoughts and expectations

Your memories and reflections
Important lettering & design elements you would like incorporated with your memorial

Your budget expectations
What type of budget range do you and your
family feel financially comfortable with? You have the opportunity to create and personalize a memorial that is a reflection of your loved one’s life. Remember to take time and reflect so you
don’t forget something important and special.

Sioux Falls Monuments Stone Memorials

Life is a tapestry of memories, celebrated moments, love and sharing. Remembering and reflecting on your cherished memories provides options for personalizing your memorial. Unique designs can be created to give a personal touch to your memorial forever. Examples of monument personalization are shown below to assist in your selection. 

Monument finish, color, size and shape can be mixed and matched according to your wishes. All designs can be mixed, matched, sized and positioned according to your needs.

We have thousands of precision graphic carving designs for you to choose from. These designs should be used on medium to dark colors.

Granite is a unique natural product. Actual granite colors will vary from the photos shown on this site.


Our Precision Graphic Carving is a superior new method in carving granite monuments and grave markers. Today we can sandblast and carve designs with artistic detail and accuracy, capturing memories and creating distinctive images. We transform traditional memorial artwork from simple to simply beautiful. Contact us for Sioux Falls area monuments and memorials.

Personalizing A Memory

Monuments Memorials Sioux Falls
Monuments Memorials Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls Monuments Choosing Paulson